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Top 10 Reasons for why Your mobile charging slowly and how to fix them

  Nowadays Smartphone have become an integral part of our daily life. Slow charging for android phones very annoying as it will take lot of time. Occasionally you cannot find a specific reason why these devices tend to charge slowly. Don’t get worried; keep reading this article will help you out.

1,Incompatible charger (Use own mobile charge)

Whatever charger is inside the box when you first buy your mobile phones, you can charge it with the same charger so there are no issues. At the same time how fast is the charge it is charging a same speed as they given charger manual.

Over the years we used different charges for different things. Only then did we realize the why was charging speed slowly.

Assuming you mean that phone is not compatible with your chargers, some chargers may actively communicate with the more than just two wires to accomplish this. If one of these additional wires breaks for any reason, the phone will not charge. So, that matters is most important for mobile charging.

If you try using an alternative USB cable and power adapter, but make sure it has the same amperage rating (or higher) as the recommended charger.

2, Charging port issues

You may need to check the charging port on your phone; A Dirty port can be the cause of a slow charging battery. You can check for debris by looking in there. Use compressed air or a small brush to get it clean.

Have you also noticed the charging port is looser? These charge ports can wear out, and the contacts may not be solid, which delays charging.

Using the flashlight, look for dust, lint, and dirt inside the phone’s charging port.

3, Don’t use smartphone while charging

Are you one of those people that have to use their phone even when it’s charging? Maybe you’re the one who’s making the device take so long to charge.

If you use your phone heavily charging, especially playing FF, pubg and COD. It’s wise to stop doing it. This produces a lot of heat, which slows down charging to avoid overheating and has an impact on your smartphone’s battery health.

Some phones will struggle to charge and deliver power at the same time. Place your phone on the table and leave it to charge in peace.

4, Optimized charging

Many people aren’t aware, yet OEMs have enabled optimised charging by default in newer devices. After 80 percent, the charging slows down as a result of this. This can be turned off in the settings menu.

5, Close all background apps while charging

Phones require a long time to charge sometime struggle to maintain a charge when in use. That might be due to a rouge app or background app general.

You can use tools on both Android and IOS to see what are running in the background.

Check out the battery usage menu in setting> Battery on Android-based devices (or it might be under a section like Device care).

Select Energy in the setting app in your iPhone to check which apps are using the most battery.

Because you use certain Apps frequently they may have higher battery usage. Your better off closing the app, limiting the background activities or uninstalling it.

6, Mobile Display on during charging time

The display is easily among the top 5 battery drainers. Leaving the display on while charging slows down the process.  In most circumstances, this is insignificant, but other things may conspire to make your day miserable.

7, Enable Aeroplane or Power saving mode

Turning on Aeroplane mode on your phone can help you avoid being harassed, but it can help you charge faster.

When the phone is an power saving mode, it restricts the applications background operations, disable synchronization, and dims the screen brightness, allowing it to charge more quickly. Of course, turning off the gadget will be quicker.

8, Turn off connecting features

The connectivity functions of your Android phone include cellular data, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Brightness and NFC. They work by utilizing the dedicated hardware provided on your phone, resulting in higher battery usage and a lower net charging rate.

As a result, if you want to speed up the charging process, you can turn off certain connectivity functionalities while charging your phone.

When we use the internet, the battery drains from 10% to 20% or more if we use it for a longer period of time. So, the battery will drain faster.

9, To Avoid excess heating on mobile   

According to physics, when current is transferred, A portion of it is released as heat due to the transmitting medium’s resistance.

If any of the components in your charger or phone are defective, this may result in increased resistance, more heat, and fewer battery bars, Get Your phone evaluated.

Let’s finally avoid playing games for long periods of time and watching videos on our phones. It will increase the heating of your device.

10, Turn off vibrate mode

Setting your phone to vibrate with every text, message, or notice, believe it or not uses a lot more power than leaving it on silent or loud mode. If you want to extend the battery life, turn off the buzz.


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