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Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extension to Earn money using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that we depend on for our everyday online activities. The ChatGPT tool can also be used as a tool for online customer support.

ChatGPT’s capabilities and features can be hard to keep track of as more platforms adopt it. ChatGPT’s Chrome extension comes in handy here. The ChatGPT browser add-ons help you improve productivity and streamline communication.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions currently available.

1, WebChat

The ChatGPT language model, created by OpenAI, only contains up-to-date information until the end of 2021. In WebChatGPT extension for Chrome, web results are incorporated into the bot and therefore the bot is viewed as a better resource because of this.

How Webchat works :

ChatGPT with WebChatGPT integrates relevant web results into the ChatGPT model. The ChatGPT system searches the web for relevant answers and provides a more comprehensive response. It is possible to customize the results by selecting time, region, and number of results displayed.

A Chrome extension called WebChatGPT is one of the best around for interacting with AI chatbots, even with all of its extra features.

If users wish to revert to ChatGPT’s native functionality, they can toggle off the extension. A bot’s expertise can be useful even with no additional information from a web search.

Advantages Of WebchatGPT

  • WebChatGPT provides a more accurate and complete response by using web results.
  • Filters allow users to access information tailored to their needs.
  • A larger text response size increases ChatGPT’s detail and comprehensiveness.
  • WebChatGPT delivers a more reliable, personalized, and informative experience compared to traditional ChatGPT thanks to these features.

Get : Web Chat

2, ChatGPT For Google

ChatGPT provides instant answers and results when you search Google with it. The bots are capable of handling a variety of tasks, such as writing code and answering questions. An easy login process makes it easy to access OpenAI.

It provides appropriate responses to most questions and prompts with excellent handling skills. The well-written and relevant answers make this a great resource for personal and professional writing. The ChatGPT service is excellent, and you will not be disappointed.

Some Features include this Extension

The Extension has several features, including:

  • Search engines other than Google are supported
  • The rendering of Markdown
  • The highlights of the code

ChatGPT is limited to one tab, however keeping one open ensures easy access whenever necessary. With each Google search, the new ChatGPT panel will be activated automatically, leaving the previous panel behind. The bot simplifies your search experience by using your query as a prompt, making it simple and easy to use.

Get ChatGPT For Google

3, ChatGPt Writer

ChatGPT Writer enhances the linguistic integrity of any website when writing emails and messages. You will need to log into OpenAI, activate the extension, and provide context for your message or email.

How to use chatGPTwriter : Click

A response will be generated promptly by the extension. ChatGPT is mostly designed for writing, but it can also be used for conversing, though it may take longer to respond. A ChatGPT Chrome extension for writing works best when it is used for its intended purpose, as it is a top-notch ChatGPT Chrome extension.

English and Spanish versions are being used. This provides a starting point for repurposing the summary. The performance will vary depending on the topic. This is an excellent idea!

Advantages Of chatGPT Writer:

  • Gmail and LinkedIn benefit greatly from this.
  • Easy to intergration

Get ChatGPt Writer

4, Merlin Browser  

ChatGPT’s features can be accessed through OpenAI’s Merlin extension for your browser. ChatGPT’s tool reduces the need to switch tabs to get at the answers. Click the keys Cmd + M on the keyboard (Mac) or the keys Ctrl + M on the keyboard (Windows) to open the query box. ChatGPT responds instantly whether you enter a prompt or select text from a website. Merlin can be contacted via Google’s “Ask Merlin” box.

ChatGPT accounts are not required to use Merlin. It’s a great tool, so give it a try. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work with Bing.

Use this extension the next time you need to respond to a work email or edit some HTML code.

Get :Merlin Browser  

5, Youtube Summary With ChatGPT

The Glasp YouTube Summary extension streamlines video watching by removing long, uninteresting content. A summary box appears next to each video after logging in and installing. The extension includes a “View AI Summary” feature that summarizes lecture or class content based on audio clarity. It saves time and enhances retention, improving video viewing experience.

Text transcripts and summaries simplify video comprehension with YouTube Summary with ChatGPT. Using ChatGPT, select the section you want to understand.

When browsing YouTube, find engaging videos without monotony. Glasp’s YouTube Summary extension provides a summary box next to each video. Despite its accuracy being dependent on audio quality, the extension remains one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions available, saving valuable time.

Get:Youtube Summary With ChatGPT

6, TweetGPT

The TweetGPT Chrome extension on Twitter leverages OpenAI’s GPT API to create tweets for users. A robot icon, located in the tweet section, can be clicked to generate a new tweet with various styles including positive, negative, controversial, and more. Users can access ChatGPT directly from Twitter through the TweetGPT extension.

 When composing a reply, TweetGPT generates text based on the original tweet, while new tweets are based on current trending topics. The “New Tweet” pop-up will display the robot icon once the extension is installed.

TweetGPT allows users to tag their tweets and replies with moods such as funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, and hillbilly, and creates a tweet based on the chosen mood using ChatGPT. The TweetGPT Chrome extension is one of the most practical and humorous extensions available, offering the ability to add various moods to tweets.

Get: TweetGPT

7, Summarize:

The YouTube Summary extension provides easy video summarization, and also offers text summarization. The ChatGPT integration in Chrome means no need to visit the website.

Simply click the extension when reading an article, email, or website for an instant summarized version from ChatGPT. During testing, the Summarize extension performed well, with only occasional failure due to high traffic on ChatGPT servers.

Get: Summarize

8, ChatGPT PromptGenius

The ChatGPT platform allows you to write articles and code. Because ChatGPT Prompt Genius offers many features, it makes finding new prompts easy.

Click the extension and choose a prompt to install it in Chrome. By selecting a category from the dropdown, you can begin ChatGPT. Prompt Genius with ChatGPT is easy to use. More prompts can also be found on the dedicated subreddit. This ChatGPT extension allows you to share your discoveries.

Get : ChatGPT PromptGenius

9, Promptheus

The ChatGPT service may not be an ideal fit for you if you’re more comfortable with voice search than typing. Using the Chrome extension that Promptheus offers, you are still able to utilize the AI’s capabilities.

Simply Hit the space bar and dictate your queries to ChatGPT with Promptheus. The top-right corner of the interface remains untouched while your query is transcribed and sent to AI.

Get : Promptheus

10, Fancy GPT

Fancy GPT is a Chrome extension for improving the design of ChatGPT conversations. It allows for customization with Neon and Sketch styles and exports conversations as image or PDF. To use, have a conversation with the ChatGPT bot, view it in a new UI and export.

FancyGPT has made responses more sharable. Screenshots look better than clipped images from ChatGPT.

Get: Fancy GPT


 This article is for educational purposes only and does not offer investment advice. Readers should conduct their own research and consult financial advisors before making investment decisions. The opinions expressed are not a guarantee.

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