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Scientific reasons for reading story books

Reading books daily is very important to you because it helps to expand your mind give you more ideas. Many famous personalities have been consistently insisting us to read books. You may say I am also reading so much text books in schools & college. Isn’t that enough. Then the answer would be “No, not enough”.

Why these people are insisting so much to Read books?,

What are the benefits of Reading books? ,

If Reading really has benefits, does it have any scientific proofs?

All the questions of yours will be answered in this article.

Joseph Addison

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body “. –Joseph Addison .This meaning of quote is how the purpose of doing exercise to keep our body fit. Likewise, the purpose of Reading is to keep our brain fit.

Our human brain has an important property known as “Neuroplasticity”. Our brain has so many parts all these parts do various specific function. And all these parts connected by tiny nerve cells called “Neurons”. That is whenever we are utilizing the parts of our brain, new connections will be formed. Suppose if we stopped using some parts of the brain the performance speed of those parts are largely declined. This is why, when we try performing a work after a long gap, we start stumbling at it, which was once a matter to us.

Books are being classified into 2 major types namely,


Non fiction


Books that stories based on Imaginations are fiction. Examples of fiction are The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Rich dad poor dad, ponniyin selvan, harry potter etc.

Non Fiction

Books that are not imaginary & are written based on facts, incidents are Non Fiction. Sapiens, 5Am club, etc.

Researchers say that, reading Fictional books are provides much benefits than reading Non-fictional books. Now you must be wondering how”? Because non fictional book has a lot of facts, information which can enhance your knowledge.

But how can a fictional book, just a story book enhance your Knowledge? The answers are as follows


Einstein says because, he was able to invent new theories majorly because of his imagination skills that was beyond logics. An interesting fact in this is that the inspiration for most of his theories is form the “Book club “formed by himself &his friends. The name is “Olympia Academy Club.” In this book club they have discussed about various genre of books like fiction and other collections, which paved way from inventions of Einstein.

When any person ready story, your mind started creating visuals Right? So each of would had different visuals on our mind.

Actually what happens in your mind when you read story is, Our Occipital lobe of our brain is activated to create Visuals in our mind like wise to feel the sounds & smell in the story, we activate our Temporal Lobe of our brain. So if you reading read regularly, continuously activate various parts of brain. This makes us more creative & imaginary individual.

A research has been conducted in VU University, Netherlands. For this research, students were divided in 2 groups.

One group of students were given non-fiction books to read, and other group of students were given fiction to read, on testing these both  group of students under various criteria ,the results show, the students who read fiction books had more empathy than those of the other group. Empathy means understanding fellow human beings fellows from their shoes without judging them.

Similarly another research has been conducted in Emory University. Where a group of students were given only Fiction books to ready were tested. Test results showed that the frontal lobe of these students were activated .People whose frontal lobe is activated often has more empathy than others. And people who don’t use their frontal lobe, has more ego than others.


It means while reading a book, you get many experiences & can live various lives. Living a character’s life in a fiction story is known as “Grounded Cognition”. For example while reading, the protagonist In that Fiction story is playing football. The brain parts which would be activated when you really play football on ground, are similarly activated even when read a book. So you will be virtually playing football in your mind without actually playing. So you’re just putting a small effect to start reading a book, you can easily make it a habit.

A Few tips for beginners to start reading

You are Reading for yourself, not to please someone else. Keep that in mind and to hell with others’ Opinions.   

Firstly, choose your favorite genre of films that you love to watch.It may be sci-fi, drama, rom-com, thriller, etc.

Then, search in Google for “best books for beginners in English” with your favorite genre you will get many book suggestion. Choose a book that is 100-150 pages in size. Not pillow sized ones. After buying it, very minimal in the beginning then gradually increase the pages. You will get confident to make reading habit.

Here are some Advantages of Reading books:

1, Giving a new perspective to life, new ways of living

2, you get smarter by reading

3, Imagination and creativity increase when we read

4, when we read we improve memory

5, Improve Vocabulary and English

6, Reducing Stress

7, Reading can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, leading to a lower risk of stroke and heart disease.

8, Reading helps you fall asleep

9, Reading inspire success

10, its boost your positive thinking

11, it stimulates your brain.

12, Reading helps you relax, improves your listening skills ,and can make you an Interesting Conversationalist.


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