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Is Bluetooth radiation harmful to human? Is danger?

The Bluetooth technology is used to provide wireless connectivity from wireless headphones to mobile phones, laptops, and mice of wireless computers, as well as to lots of other devices which require short-range connectivity. All of these Bluetooth devices are connected without wires and the reason is radiation. This article Presents overview of Bluetooth technology.

How do Bluetooth devices works?

A Bluetooth network is made up of a Personal Area Network (PAN) or a Piconet, which contains a minimum of two and a maximum of eight Bluetooth per devices.

Radio frequency (RF) transceivers are electronic devices that receive and demodulate RF signals before modulating and transmitting new ones. The Bluetooth standard transmits and receives radio waves in a band of 79 frequencies (channels) centered on 2.45 GHz, which is distinct from radio, television, and cellphones, and reserved for industrial, scientific, and medical devices.

Why Bluetooth connect only on short range?

Bluetooth is a common wire-replacement communications protocol based on low-cost transceiver microchips in each device that is primarily geared for low power consumption and a limited range. Each Bluetooth-enabled device will have its own wireless transceiver.

It is designed for devices that only need to exchange little amounts of data on a regular basis, allowing for months or even years of battery life.

Devices must be within 10 meters of one another, with a typical data transfer rate of 2 megabits per second (Mbps).

How to connect many devices in blue tooth ?


This piconet is essentially a Bluetooth-enabled device network. A piconet is a network built by using Bluetooth technology to connect several wireless devices. A master device exists in a piconet network, and this master device cm is connected to 7 more slave devices.    

The master node is the main station in the tiny network that controls everything. Secondary stations that are synchronized with the primary station are referred to as slave stations.

If you have new smartphones you can connect such as smart watch, headset 7 totally devices through Bluetooth.

Only master and slave communication is possible, but slave-slave communication is really not.

Dual audio headset

The most cost smartphone that was recently released features a Dual audio Option. Dual audio allows you to simultaneously broadcast audio from one Bluetooth device to two other Bluetooth devices.

This means you can use two pairs of headphones and two sets of blue tooth speakers at the same time.

Are we have affected by radioactive substances we are used to Bluetooth?

There are two main categories of radiation

Ionizing radiation

These waves of radiation of relatively high frequency and high potential to damage human cells and DNA. Like X-ray machines and radioactive waste. It’s very dangerous to human.

Non ionizing radiation

But Bluetooth devices also emit low levels of nonionizing radiation. Exposure to low amounts of this type of radiation is not harmful to humans.

  • Bluetooth true wireless technology.The range of the device is very short (approximately 10 -20 meters). So there is little power emitted compared to mobile phones, which generally have a few kilometers of range.
  • Bluetooth is still safer than using a phone directly as long as you don’t carry the phone near your genitials where the radiations can affect you most.
  • The latter applies when you use a wired headset.Our mobiles are generally kept in our pant’s pockets when using a wired set.
  • A wired set emits no radiation .Of course ,it’s better than bluetooth but since the phone is in the pants pocket .It’s also more dangerous.
  • finally ,So needlessly concerned about bluetooth radiation.


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