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How to take iPhone not cropping screenshots?

When you take a screenshot with your iPhone, you might have to crop it later. The photos app allows you to mark-up photos before saving them, which is very useful. There are many iPhone users who have complained that cropping screenshots does not save them. If you are experiencing this issue on iOS 16, this guide will help you resolve it.

Following the iOS 16 update, cropped screenshots are not being saved on iPhones.

Steps to solve this problem can be found here:

1, iPhone 16 saves cropped screenshots properly

The iOS 16 operating system saves cropped images in a different way. Tap the ‘Done’ option previously to adjust the pointers. Follow these steps if you’re using iOS 16 or higher on your iPhone to save cropped screenshots:

image credit:https://youtube.com/shorts/OVvap5HJWz4?feature=share
  • Click the volume up and side buttons for a few seconds until a thumbnail appears.
  • You can view the full image by clicking the thumbnail.
  • Crop an image using the corner pointer.
  • After cropping the image, wait a few moments for the device to process it.
  • The screen of an iPhone will display the cropped portion of the screenshot.
  • Click ‘Done’ once you have saved your image.

2, Update your iphone

If you want to be able to crop screenshots correctly, you must update the iPhone’s software in order to do so.

 It is very easy to download iOS 16 for your iPhone device by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone and tapping the Install iOS 16 button.



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