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How to lock incoming call in android 2022

On Google Play store, Incoming Call Lock App is the best security app for locking incoming calls. You absolutely need it in your arsenal. The application protects your incoming call from being picked up by someone else. Because they don’t know the incoming call lock password.

As the input screen for the password is displayed on the computer, no one can see the number, name, or other information of the caller. Incoming Call Lock allows you to customize its use depending on what you need.

To lock incoming calls using the app

Firstly go to the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Find the “incoming call lock” app on the Play store and install it on your smartphone.

If you open the app after installing it, grant the required permissions otherwise the app won’t work.

Ensure that this app can draw over other apps and read your phone state in order to function properly.

Before you can enable the incoming call lock, you must set the pin or pattern for the lock

Don’t forget the pattern or pin that you set up for the incoming call lock app.

In the settings, enable Auto-start so the application will automatically start after you restart your phone.

In addition, disable the battery optimization so that your mobile device will not keep removing unused apps from the background.

You can then change the background & set the time to lock incoming calls.

If you forgot call lock pin or pattern you have enabled for incoming locks apps. Firstly you go to the setting installed apps search that incoming lock app and clear its data. Then you can changes the new pin and pattern.

One of the best features is the ability to lock selected contacts from incoming calls.

Using this app you can secure incoming calls on your android smartphone so that no one can pick them up.

Having the number hidden is the best part. As a result, your privacy is protected and your friends will be unable to contact you directly.

It is impossible to know who is calling unless and until you unlock the app.

Check your cell phone’s call history to check if any important calls have been missed when answering.


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