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How To integeret ChatGPT into Microsoft Word?

Hi friends ,The modern world is filled with artificial intelligence products. Open-AI.e developed ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool used in many countries around the world. People who write long essays will benefit from using this tool. I’ve noticed that it’s not always possible to copy and paste text in ChatGPT. By following the simple guidelines outlined in this guide, you can improve your writing process with ChatGPT’s assistance.

This guide will help you navigate this process to the right place in today’s fast-paced world by providing plug-ins to integrate ChatGPT with Microsoft Word.

Although ChatGPT cannot currently be directly integrated into Microsoft Word, Microsoft’s development of the AI-powered Bing search engine suggests it may be added as an add-in option in a future Office update. in this article will discuss about “How To integeret ChatGPT into Microsoft Word”.

What is Ghostwriter add in For Microsoft word?

The ChatGPT interface is integrated through Ghostwriter into Microsoft Word.

You will need an OpenAI API key to use this add-in.

Microsoft Word can handle ChatGPT database queries.

It was developed by Seattle’s Patrick Husting.

During the 1990s, Patrick worked as a consultant for Microsoft.

In the future, Patrick plans to launch add-ons for other Microsoft platforms.

What is Gost Writer Subscription plan?

In the meantime, Ghostwriter, a third-party add-in that queries ChatGPT using OpenAI’s API key, can be used to generate text.

To use Ghostwriter with Word, you must subscribe to it.

However, Ghostwriter is a premium add-in that offers a basic edition for $10 and a pro edition for $25.

You can pay for Ghostwriter using PayPal, debit cards, or credit cards.

It improves writing skills.

It also supports every OpenAI text generation model, including Davinci’s, Curie’s, Babbage’s, and Ada’s, as well.

How to integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft Word?

Option 1: Using Microsoft word online

Step 1: Open a blank Word document in the Microsoft Office desktop browser on your computer.

Step 2: Type ‘Add-ins’ into the search bar of the blank Word document to access the ‘Add-ins’ extension.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Store’ tab from the ‘Add-ins’ window to access the store.

Step 4: Type ‘Ghostwriter’ in the search bar located on the left of the “Add’” button.

Step 5: Select “Ghostwriter” from the list of add-ins available and click on the ‘Add’ button to install the add-in.

Option 2: Using Microsft Word Desktop

The desktop app of ChatGPT can also be integrated with Word. To get started, follow these simple steps. Here are the steps you need to follow.

The add-ins require a Microsoft 360 subscription.

1. Start menu > Programs > Microsoft Word > Click here to open it.

2. Choose a blank document and click the Insert tab.

3. Go to this page and click the Get Add-ins button.

4. Click STORE to store an Office add-in.

5. Use the keyword “ghostwriter” in Google to find ghostwriters.

6. Click on the Add option to install Ghostwriter for Word.

Final thoughts

It will help you to learn how to integrate ChatGPT with Microsoft Word. Feel free to ask questions or suggest other topics that we should cover. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

FAQ (frequently Asked Questions)

What does the Ghost writer add in do?

Using Ghostwriter Word, ChatGPT responds to conversations like a human. 

Is Ghostwriter  add in free?

No,Ghostwriter add in is not free. There are several add-ons plans available, starting at $10 per month.


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