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How To Change the Date and Time of a Photo On Iphone

Hi friends, In iOS 15 or later, you now have the ability to edit the date and time of a photo without having to use an external app. For photographers who import photos from external sources, the Photos app provides the ability to make these changes. Using iOS 15, you can easily edit the date and time of your photos.

Find out how to change the date and time of an iPhone photo. Sometimes imported images display the date and time of import rather than what they actually were taken at. The scanner displays the creation date of the file, not the capture date. This problem can be fixed below.

On your “iPhone photos are wrong”, you can modify the date and time of a photo by using the Photos app:

The Photos app allows you to edit an image by selecting it.

To do this, tap the “i” button located in the bottom right corner.

Settings can be changed by selecting “Adjust.”

In the top right corner of the screen, tap “Done” to update the date and time.

On Mac, open a picture, click “i,” and double-click it to find the date and time. You can also edit the location with the location editor.

If you share your images online, edit the EXIF metadata, since not all platforms remove this information. If you share your photos online, someone can read the EXIF metadata and determine where you were.

The following steps will help you change the photo date and time on your iPhone.


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