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How to Activate JIO 5G in Android

5G technology has become more and more popular, with people eager to experience its fast speeds and new features. As one of the leading 5G service providers in India, Jio is easy to activate 5G on your account. In this post, you will learn “How to activate 5G on Jio network”and get high-speed internet and better connectivity.

If Jio 5G is available in your area, you can activate it on these phones:

  • Use a compatible mobile phone to activate 5G.
  • Use the’Settings’ app to access your settings.
  • Select ‘Mobile network’ from the settings menu.
  • For 5G activation, select the “Jio SIM”.
  • Select 5G from the ‘Preferred network type’ drop-down menu.
  • The 5G icon indicates that the 5G service has been successfully activated.
  • To see the 5G icon, ensure mobile data is turned on and Wi-Fi is off.

JIO 5G Network – The Future of Mobile Internet in India

5G technology has been highly anticipated in India, with several major players vying to become the first to offer this next-generation network to consumers. In India, the Jio 5G network is leading an economic and social revolution. Connectivity promotes innovation in telemedicine, autonomous cars, and remote education, stimulating economic growth and bridging the rural-urban divide. Jio, the country’s leading telecom operator, has been at the forefront of this race, announcing plans to launch a 5G network soon. In terms of the telecommunications sector, Jio 5G represents a significant achievement.

 Jio’s 5G network is largely immune to interference and signal dropouts because of its diverse spectrum of frequencies. The purpose of this article is to examine the implications of JIO’s 5G network for Indian businesses, consumers, and the overall economy.

Benefits OF Jio5G network

  • Network speeds are faster than those of 4G.
  • The latency is lower.
  • An increase in bandwidth.
  • Up to 10 Gbps download speed.
  • The downloading of movies, playing online games, and streaming of videos do not experience any lag or interruption.
  • Collaboration and communication in real-time.
  • This product is suitable for telemedicine, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities applications.
  • The spectrum can be found from small and large providers, including 700 MHz, 3500 MHz, and 26 GHz.
    By combining five frequencies into one, carrier aggregation can provide a reliable “data highway”.

For various smartphone brands, these are the simplified steps:


  • click on.
  • Select Network Mode from the menu on the left of the screen.
  • Connect to 5G, LTE, 3G, or 2G (auto-connect).

Google Pixel:

  • To change settings, click here.
  • Choose SIMs under Network & Internet.
  • Choose 5G as your preferred network type.


  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap SIM & Network under WiFi & networks.
  • The Preferred Network Type must be set to 2G/3G/4G/5G (automatic).


  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap SIM 1/2 under Connection & Sharing.
  • The preferred network type will be 2G/3G/4G/5G (automatic).


  • You can find it in Settings.
  • First, Connect & Share, then SIM card.
  • Choose the desired network type (automatically) from 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G depending on your needs.


  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • A SIM card or mobile network can be tapped.
  • There should be a preference for 5G networks.
  • A restart of the phone is necessary.


  • Go to Settings.
  • Make sure you tap both SIM cards.
  • Under the category of Mobile Networks, select Network Mode.
  • It is important to make sure that 5G mode is set on the device.

Jio Brings 5G to 191 Cities Across India

Jio True 5G has reached 191 cities in India just four months after its beta launch. A true 5G network will be available to every Indian with the aid of state governments through the digitization of the North-East Circle.

Jio 5G invitation Offer

The Jio network is offering 5G connectivity to select users in cities with 5G coverage who own 5G-enabled smartphones. Jio customers can avail unlimited 5G data after receiving the invitation in addition to their existing recharge entitlements. There is no limit on 5G data usage during the duration of the active base plan.

Jio 5G Invitation Offer customers must have an active prepaid or postpaid plan in order to participate. Customers can access 5G services with an active Jio plan costing at least Rs. 239.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, this is how you can activate 5G on an Android phone. Make sure you are in a 5G service coverage area after activation. Your phone will automatically detect and connect to 5G networks. If this information was helpful to you, please share it with your friends.



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