How Normal People Become Rich?

This is a story about three different types of persons.In our life most of the persons come under anyone of this category.If we understand this story and the type of the three persons we can easily get the idea that how the normal people became rich?


The ordinary people like to study well.Next he prefer a good job.Improve his economic status.Then he get married and spend the remaining life for their child and savings after retirement.This is a life style of most the ordinary people.But some persons life is different from others.Everybody has some twist and turns in their life.This twist and turns will make our life happy or bore.


This person suffer lot in his life.He get many disappointment for simple things in his childhood.Now he got a good job.He likes to enjoy his remaining part of life.He decided to fulfill his childhood disappointments. He got loan for all and make his life luxuries. He got a car,house for loan.Over a period this loan become a big burden for him.He thinks to go for better job to compromise his loan but he get afraid about a new job.So he continue this old job .


This second type of person also suffer lot in his life.He has many struggles in life.Now he work hard and get a good job.He is not like a first type of person.He didn’t select luxuries life.He live a simple ordinary life and save the money for his retirement life.He work hard in his office and spend the evening time with his family.Over a period a time he get bored with his job.He likes to go for a new job but he afraid that new job many make his life risk so he give up this idea and continue in his old job.


The third type of person also suffer in his life.He work hard and get a job in a company.Like a second type of person he also save his money and live a simple and minimum life.The different for second and third person is third person started to thing about his life ambition.He thinks, Is savings is the only option in our life? Is our present job is really safe? One day this job may leave from us .

So he thinks to come out of this job and make a opportunity . He try to develop himself.He takes effort to settle in a safe position.He need money.He use his savings for investment.he works hard.Time moves fast.After some year he become a rich man.He established his job.He gives employment for many people .First person spend his life only to pay his loans.He works hard to pay his loans.Second person use his savings for retirement life and lead his life happy.Third person work hard.He develop himself and learn every day to improve himself.He established a new company and give employment for many people.


That two persons are in a same position until their end of  life.But the third person work hard.He learn and develop himself.He take effort and apply that in his life .He takes many risk.Third person realize that “Nothing is safe and nothing is risk free in outside” so he take many risk and reach the good position.


First we have to realize that “Nothing is safe” and “Nothing is risk free” in our life.Our decision and the effort  we take will lift us to another stage in our life.The only thing we have to do is “Thinking about our risk”. In our life “Success in not  guaranteed”.But the chances for the success will majority in some activities and less in some activities.We have to choose the best one.We have to improve our self.


Only two facts improve the third person in his life.

  1. Learning
  2. Taking risks

So “Not stop learning and taking risk”.”Nothing is safe in our life”.We have to take risk.Taking risk is very safe in our life.We have to lift our life by taking risk.So take continuous risk and make our life successful.

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