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Google ban all call recording apps from Playstore

Google has recently decided to ban all call recording applications out of concern for privacy, and from May 11, it will remove the call recording apps from the Play Store. With these hundreds of applications, companies can shut down their business with Android phones.

Recently, Google released a developer programme policy that said that a feature that enables third-party applications to record calls, called Accessibility API (Application Programming Interface), is not designed for remote call audio recording and cannot be requested.

In Android 10, the ability to record telephone calls using a microphone has been removed. In addition, Google has started warning users about recording calls on its own Dialer app.

In the meantime, you can always use any voice recording app on another smartphone to record a call after putting the call on speaker.

1, Is there a reason for Google’s ban announcement?

2, Truecaller to disable call recording after Google’s new policies

1,Is there a reason for Google’s ban announcement?

For developers to maintain access, they should add a disclaimer and require explicit consent before recording calls, or use another method for recording calls. In third-party apps, the only way to record calls on Android is through accessibility APIs.

Various call recording laws around the world differ greatly, so these changes are reportedly making the process more secure and privacy-sensitive.

This change will not impact system and preinstalled apps which already have permission to use the Accessibility API.

In the updated Play Store policies, a clause states that the Accessibility API was not designed for recording remote audio calls.

Despite Google’s decision to ban call recording apps from its app store, users will still be able to use them. Because of privacy and security concerns, one potential cause could also be varying call recording laws in different countries.

As an example, in the US, call recording is limited to parties who have given their consent.

2,Truecaller to disable call recording after Google’s new policies

Truecaller’s call recording was previously free for everyone, permissions based and required users to make use of the Google Accessibility API to enable the feature. However, due to the policies of the Google Developer Program, we are no longer able to offer call recording.

As Truecaller clarified, this will not affect devices with native call recording functionality. Which is totally dependent on the manufacturer.

Many smartphone brands, including Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo among others, have built-in call recorders, which will continue to work even after May 11.

Additionally, the dialer’s information provider mentions that it has introduced call recording on Android devices based on demand. 

The iPhone until recently did not have native call recording capability.


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