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Best Photo editing Apps For Android 2023

Hello friends, today we will talk about the Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2022. Here we list the finest photo editing applications for Android phones and tablets that are available on Google Play. These are the best photo editing programs for people who want to edit their own photos.

1, Snap speed

A free photo editing app like this is probably the best you can find. It can be an excellent tool for improving your photography quickly and conveniently. It was excellent for framing the picture (black-and-white expansion) and adding missing areas.

We trust it only because it’s Google-made. Using the interface is intuitive and error-free. Even certain parts of a picture can be removed with “healing.”

Additionally, it is so easy to export photos, you just save or share them.

It’s almost equivalent to Photoshop’s features.

1, You should be able to double expose Png files

2. You should be able to modify multiple layers in double exposure. Currently it has very limited ability for double exposure.

3. It is possible to save both current work and images.

This app has everything you need, and we highly recommend it.

Special Features

  • It’s including variety of 29 Tool & Filters, Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, etc.
  • You can save your personal looks and apply them to new photos in the future
  • Brush with selective filters.
  • Fine-tune all styles with precision.


  • Free to use                                                   
  • Easily customize tools                                                  
  • There are Zero ads.
  • Many tools and features, Presented in a simple.


  • There is no sharing to Fb or Instagram
  • You cannot modify the font used in the text

Downloads:  10 cr+ Click to Download

Rating: 4.4

2, Lightroom

It has amazing features for adjusting effects on photos. Free features are also impressive. Adobe Lightroom for mobile is the most powerful photo editor for advanced or professional users.

Using the mobile version is easy and intuitive. This is a very powerful phone app with many features. It’s perfect for quick edits on the go. Even a free version is quite powerful, especially for those who are new to editing.

Besides its easy-to-use interface, Lightroom includes all advanced features through simple sliders. It allows you to adjust your photos’ color distortion, grain, and light detail.

Getting the right composition requires cropping and rotating your photo.Curves can alter a picture’s highlights, midtones, shadows, and colors.

Special Features

  • Best of color grading.
  • There is a small learning curve since all sliders are simple and easy to understand.
  • Easily edit basic settings.


  • Apps like this have many useful features.
  • Free to use .                                                                     
  • An advanced raw profile and filtering system.               


  • It’s expensive
  • Cloud storage is mandatory for all photos
  • The app has a Lot of glitches

Downloads:  10 cr+ Click to Download

Rating: 4.6

3, PicsArt

In third place is Picsart, a great application for editing pictures. There are a ton of tools and options in it that are very user-friendly, not complicated like some of the other applications.

In addition, it’s perfect if you’re into digital art, I’ve used the many features to make some amazing pieces.

This app is great for creators and everyone who enjoys creating unique images. The app is available for free with ads or for a paid membership without ads.

 It has plenty of nice features .In Picsart, using the Remove Background feature is surprisingly useful (also known as Remove BG.) It allows you to add frames, stickers, and even double exposure images

Special Features

  • Create viral memes with our meme generator & share them with your friends.
  • The Picsart sticker library has more than 60 million stickers.
  • Animate yourself in a tap.
  • It supports Brushes and layers.


  • Easy to navigate and easy to use.           
  • Everyone can download a free version.
  • A custom resolution can be set for images.
  • It has plenty of nice features.


  • Everything is premium, including the filters and stickers   

Downloads:  100 cr+ Click to Download

Rating: 4.1

4, Epik

Epik ranks fourth on this list. If you want to post images on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media platform, this app is very helpful. It is one of the best applications for editing photos ever created. During editing, there is no option for watermarks. So many effects and filters are available for editing.

Additionally, we can choose from a broad range of stickers and brushes. When using the “portrait” adjustments, use a very light hand and use an eye that is very precise. Good stickers, good filters, and great adjustments.

The effects of working with layers are implied on the background images. In addition, layer lock and timeline navigation bar features would be useful when resetting/undoing effects, as well as the ability to save the last edits.

This app is highly recommended by someone who uses snapseed, picsart, and lightroom. A complete set of tools is available in Epik.

For Snapseed’s selective tool is included, This app also includes Lightroom’s color grading tool (HSL). Likewise, Picsart’s layering layout, stickers, and presets are similar to this app.

If you are used to snapseed, picsart, or lightroom, Epik should, in fact, be a better version compared to other editing apps.

Special Features

  • Color frame, border, AI filter, background
  • An application for grading colors (HSL-Hue,Saturation,Lightness)


  • No adds, no subscriptions.          
  • Free photo filters and editing tools.
  • Including HSL, curves,lux, grain, and vignettes.
  • You can save content, filters, and templates directly to your device.


  • Using templates can make it very laggy and crash.
  • Sometimes it has bugs.

Downloads:  1 cr+ Click to download

Rating: 4.6

5, Photo editor Pro

Photo editiot pro (Polish) ranks fifth place on this list. This features are awesome, and there are plenty of options that are free.

 In particular, the automated layer that can be edited whenever we choose, sooner or later. Even if you do the free trial, you’ll likely purchase it.

There’s a lot to love. Definitely recommended to anyone looking for a permanent photo editing app. This app Interface and available tools looks like Photoshop.

You can add elements and text to this app, and it is fantastic for graphics.

This platform is designed not only for those who lack “professional skills” but want professional results. It also offers tools and depth for those who are ‘detail-oriented’.

Special Features

  • Photo Blur & Glitch Effects
  • Animate
  • Neon effect and motion images


  • This app has lot of fun
  • Using a mobile device to create quick collage  
  • Edit Google Photo & easy to logo making
  • Background Blur, animate, stickers


  • Lots of ads in the free version
  • Font color glitch High contrast text

Downloads:1 cr+ Click to Download

Rating: 4.6


We have listed above the top 5 best photo editing apps for Android. Choose one from the list and use it to edit different pictures on your Android device. If there is an application in this list that is not included, please let us know in the comments section.


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