How Can You Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked or not?

Nowadays, we do everything on our mobile phones. Mobile devices are a common target for hackers worldwide. We sometimes take the safety and security of our smartphones for granted even though they are so integral to our daily lives. We use them to search online, scroll through social media, send emails, and communicate via text … Read more

Best Useful Google Chrome extensions

Best useful Google chrome extensions As the world’s standard web browser, Google Chrome is widely used. Google Chrome offers many useful extensions. The main reason behind this is that Chrome offers super-fast functions, loading, and web-page display. There are several reasons for this dominance, with one of them being Chrome’s extensive library of add-ons and … Read more

Windows 10 Tips and Trick in 2022 you must know

However, Microsoft Windows 10 has many useful usability features that are not widely known, and which may increase your productivity if more widely used. What is about Keyboard shortcuts? Windows has a long list of keyboard shortcuts. If you try to memorize all of them, you don’t need to do all at once at least … Read more

How to disable Google dialer call recording alert

Nowadays, most android smartphones use Google phone as their default caller/dialer. Google’s dialer app has many annoying features, but I find the call recording announcement probably the most annoying. Google does mention the “this call is now being recorded” announcement, which is probably the most annoying. Google does mention that it is there to help … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Pen drive

USB Flash drives are wonderful devices that can hold the entirety of the world on them. USB flash drives can be connected to USB ports and provide a certain amount of storage space, which can be used to store data. Many people use USB flash drives at home, at work, and in schools. Everyone knows … Read more

Scientific reasons for reading story books

Reading books daily is very important to you because it helps to expand your mind give you more ideas. Many famous personalities have been consistently insisting us to read books. You may say I am also reading so much text books in schools & college. Isn’t that enough. Then the answer would be “No, not … Read more