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Whatsapp New Features Today 2023

Many new features have been added to WhatsApp beta and general users in recent months. The WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp app are always getting updated. The WhatsApp desktop app was introduced in 2021 with features such as voice and video calling and the ability to share missing photos and videos. Several changes have been made to the Meta app in the past few years, making it difficult to keep up.

In 2022, WhatsApp plans to take this trend forward and introduce some more unique features to help its users.We can expect WhatsApp to add more features in the future.

WhatsApp New Features Today Nov-2022

1, Whatsapp group members limit Increased(1024 persons)

Initially, WhatsApp groups were limited to 256 members. Now it is limited to 512 members. There is a competition between WhatsApp and Telegram. Now, 1024 members are allowed in a WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp New Features Today

Telegram has a 2,00,000 group limit. As part of its effort to attract more users, WhatsApp is constantly bringing updates.

2, Join Multiple Groups in one Place (Community)

By using the WhatsApp Community feature by Meta, users of all types can connect under one tab.The community Options allows you to manage you connected multiple groups from one place. In the announcement group, keep everyone informed.

WhatsApp New Features Today

Easily switch between our Community’s different groups.

3, Having a Conversations with yourself ( message yourself)

There is nothing special about WhatsApp Self-Chat. It is simply a ‘click to chat’ feature on the app. You can now use it to chat with you. When you want to note things down but don’t want to share them, this is useful.

In addition to creating lists and sharing links, you can save important web links and make urgent notes using this feature.

All WhatsApp messages you send to yourself are encrypted end-to-end. It will keep your messages, calls, and status updates safe.

4, On WhatsApp, you can create polls

The new polling feature in WhatsApp is now available to its users. This Polling options only available for Mobile device still not coming for Whatsappweb. Its Expected to whatsapp for future.

Step 1. Tap on the Attach button and tap the poll icon.

Step2. Add your question options to Select from In the poll Window.

Step3. Tap the green send button After adding questions & options.

Step4. Finally  Your Poll will Be Created.

You can add maximum 12 polls. Each time a new vote count is added, the poll will be automatically updated.

Everyone who participates in this poll can see the results. Using the ‘View votes’ option, each member of the group chat can see the vote selected by the other member.

5, Forwarding a photo or video with caption

You can upload videos and photos with captions. The ‘Attach File’ option is the only way to add captions to uploaded photos and videos.

There are currently only a few beta testers of WhatsApp Android, according to WABetalnfo.

A group admin can remove problematic messages and share large files (up to 2GB) on the app.

6, Whatsapp Call Link

Whatsapp has updated its Call Link feature as one of its latest features. You can create meetings and education classes through Google Meet and Zoom by using this call link.

That Calllink features allows users to call other WhatsApp users through voice and video. This features available for both android and ios devices. This call Link will expired in 90 days.  

When you open the link your contacts will automatically join voice or Video calls.

And this is end of Our list, We hope liked it and found it helpful. In conclusion, these are some of the new features that WhatsApp will introduce in 2022. In addition to the above features, other apps like Telegram are competing with whatsapp so they are bringing new features to their users.

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