4 ways to Delete Chrome history permanently

Every web browser keeps a record of the web pages you have visited. It is possible to delete this list at any time, clearing your browsing history and erasing the tracks on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you’ve used multiple browsers, you’ll have to clear the history in every one of them.

Here’s how to delete history completely. This article will help for you.

1, Use Incognito Mode

The first private-browsing mode in Google Chrome came with the browser. As a default, all browsers include Incognito mode. Now you can use Chrome incognito on any platform, including Android. This article will discuss how to utilize this useful feature.

We should first explain what Incognito Mode does and does not do. By disabling this feature, Chrome is prevented from saving your browsing history, cookies, information you type into forms, and other site data.

Even if you hide your activity, websites and internet service providers can still see it. Furthermore, downloaded files and bookmarks are still saved. If you want to be completely anonymous, you’ll need a VPN.

How to Use Incognito Mode in Your Chrome browser

  • Using Incognito Mode in your browser is very simple and safe to use.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome browser.
  • Then Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.
  • And choose “New Incognito Tab” From the list.
  • Now you’ve entered Chrome’s Incognito mode.
  • As a final step for extra privacy, you can turn on the “Block Third-Party Cookies” option.
  • The Incognito tab will appear beside the other tabs. Click on the tab button at the top to see all the tabs you have open.

2, Clear History Now

If you have visited a lot of sites from your phone, but you don’t know about incognito mode, how do you delete your browsing history?

All browsers are configured by default with three dots.

  • Firstly, tap on the three dots in Top right corner and select history option.
  • Select Clear browsing data from the left-hand side. A window will appear.
  • There are two methods of clearing: basic and advanced. Clearing history in normal mode is basic. If you choose advanced mode, you can permanently delete history.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select how much history you would like to delete. Choose All time to delete all history.
  • To delete your entire browsing history, select “all time”. Check the boxes for what you want to remove, being sure to include “browsing history”. Click “clear data” to finish the process.

3, Clear the App data

You can delete history from your chrome browser But still you haven’t removed all tabs and all data. Ideally, you should clear the all tabs and app data from your browser.

How to clear the App data

  • Firstly, Long press the Google chrome app icon on the screen,
  • Now , Tap the App info option in the list.
  • Then click Storage and Scroll down tap on the Clear data.
  • In clear data select Manage space .
  • To do so, tap on the Clear all data and Delete all data a small popup will be opened.
  • Whenever you want clear the data simply tap the clear data in bottom of the screen. The other method is to uninstall the Google Chrome app. It will show newly for an app. 

4, Clear the History from Google activity

This is only for the main to compare the other deleting methods. The more websites you visit, the more information you add to your browsing history.

Your search history has also recorded a link pointing to this site from a search engine. You should clear your browsing and search histories regularly because they accumulate quickly. The Google “My Activity” launch revealed that Google is able to take a comprehensive look at all of the information about you at any time.

How to clear the history from Google activity

  • Click to Sign in your google account.
  • Now you need to enter a Google account here.
  • Then scroll down tap on the Verify and Enter your password.
  • Tap on this menu on the Upper left corner and then select “Delete activity by” .You have the option in last hour, last day and all the time.
  • Now select on the you want to remove history Choose activity Delete.
  • Then Tap on Next button you will get a new Tab.
  • You can Delete any activity across all time periods by selecting All time in the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, you got deletion completely. This is a very unique and final method of deleting files.  

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