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10 Interesting Facts about Pen drive

USB Flash drives are wonderful devices that can hold the entirety of the world on them. USB flash drives can be connected to USB ports and provide a certain amount of storage space, which can be used to store data. Many people use USB flash drives at home, at work, and in schools.

Everyone knows that.But here are some interesting facts about flash drives that aren’t so popular.

1, When was USB first Used? & Who invented it ?

In 1998, IBM invented the pen drive for its Think Pad product line to replace the floppy drive. But Disgo was the name of the first flash drive manufactured by M-Systems under a contract with IBM. The USB stick was invented by Amir Ban, Dov Moran &Oron Ogdon, who all worked for Israeli tech company, M-Systems. Disgo was available in various sizes: 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, and 64MB.

2, Floppy disks

were a major reason for the invention of the Pendrive. It was the only type of storage device before USB was invented at the period time. These disks usually have a capacity minimum 80KB & maximum 1 MB, 2MB (with a standard of 1.44 MB).

Since we now work with much larger files, floppy disks need a floppy drive to read them. But modern computers are no longer equipped with floppy drives. It is capable of holding only small amount of data

3, Do you guys know that the USB was Co invented by Indian?

Now a days, most people have a USB storage capacity of 16Gb to 128 Gb. Ajay Bhatt(Intel) developed the USB in 1999, or Universal Serial Bus, while Moran(M-Systems)invented the USB flash drive in 1998 .It’s known as USB (Universal serial bus). Initially this USB size only 8MB.

Since then, the form of USB ports on pen drives, mobile charger, mice and keyboards has changed completely. Previously, these devices had round USB shape pins: presently, they have a rectangular USB shape pins.

He said that he wasn’t doing it for the money but bring to change the world of innovations.

Why did Ajay Bhatt invent the USB drive?

Whenever (my family) tried to do something as easy as print letter for my daughter’s school, I would get a phone call from my wife saying she couldn’t print it, Bhatta then made the decided to create a system that was both common and universal. This device now known everyone so we are thanks to Bhatt’s wife.

4, A lot of people have system hard disks with capacities of 512GB and up to 1TB. Kingston was the first business in the world to introduce a 2TB( terabyte) pendrive in 2017.Its name as Data ultimate GT.

2TB is about a million times bigger than the capacity of the first flash drives. It can store 70 hours of 4K video footage and is an order magnitude of larger than most computer or cellphones.

5, The numbers of write or erase cycles can be used to determine the life expectancy of a USB flash Drive. Depending on the memory type used USB flash drives can handle anywhere from 10000 to 100000 write/erase cycles.

When the limit is reached, some parts of the memory may stop working, resulting in data loss and corruption.

6, USB flash drives can be encrypted to keep files ultra-secure and private. Your USB drive should use many years if it’s taken care of properly.

7, Many pen drives are now available in a range of colors, patterns, and sizes, with the copying speed varying from one pen drive to the next. However, in August 2020, SanDisk released the SanDisk extreme new pen drive, which had the greatest speed on the market at the moment. It has a file transfer speed of 400 megabits per second.

8, Six deferent names of USB drive are here

  • Pen drive
  • USB drive
  • Flash drive
  • Thumb Drive
  • Jump Drive
  • Chip stick

But maximum number of peoples it called as pendrive

9, North Korean defectors shipped several thousand USB flash drives containing banned content to north Korea between 2016 and 2017 in order to spread information about the outside world to citizens without access to open internet and telecommunications.

10, Most USB sticks weight less than 30gms, making them portable and easy to take on the move.

 We have listed some useful tips,

  • when not in use, cover the Flash Drive with a cap to prevent dust and pollutants from collecting on the contacts.
  • Avoid exposing your Flash Drive to harsh environments like high temperatures and humidity. Then the flash drive can serves for its owner for 10 years.
  •  Never remove a Flash Drive from a USB port while it is still in use. Before removing the USB drive from your computer, you should “Eject” it (right-click on the disc and select “Eject“).
  • Do not leave it connected to the computer for a long time. Unplug it from your computer if you aren’t using it.

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