Best Photo editing Apps For Android 2022

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Whatsapp New Features Today 2022

Many new features have been added to WhatsApp beta and general users in recent months. The WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp app are always getting updated. The WhatsApp desktop app was introduced in 2021 with features such as voice and video calling and the ability to share missing photos and videos. Several changes have been … Read more

Best Unknown Android Apps -2022

On many smartphones and tablets, Android is the most widely used open source operating system. This operating system is very popular with developers who upload their applications to the website. The Google Play store boasts over a million applications, but there are still some undiscovered android apps that are very useful and work well. These … Read more

How to change Google assistant language in Android phone

This post is about How to change Google assistant language in Android phone. What is Google Assistant?                                                    Google Assistant makes it easy for you to use your phone or apps hands-free. It was designed initially to be personal, while expanding on Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls.  In addition to text entry, Google Assistant is … Read more

How To Convert Webpages To PDF

On your Android phone, you can save web pages as PDF documents without having to use online tools, PDF writing software, or browser extensions. Your Android phone needs to be equipped with a Chrome or Firefox browser. On Example: if you Booked bus tickets or train tickets  you need to be save PDF in file. … Read more

How To Hide Whatsapp Dp From Some Specific Contacts

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Top 10 Tips To Protect Whastapp From Hackers

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4 ways to Delete Chrome history permanently

Every web browser keeps a record of the web pages you have visited. It is possible to delete this list at any time, clearing your browsing history and erasing the tracks on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you’ve used multiple browsers, you’ll have to clear the history in every one of them. Here’s how … Read more

Read this before Investing Money!

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Five Steps To Learn Anything!!

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